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What Bloomberg wants Bloomberg gets

When Bloomberg’s creative team in New York wanted a 4k camera to shoot a point of view sequence from a Hong Kong tram they got in touch about using our Varicam 35, the only one in Hong Kong. The footage was to be displayed on a 60 foot screen outside their London Headquarters as part of a special series called ‘Terminal View of the World”

cameraman with 4k camera in hong kong
The Varicam cameraman in Hong Kong

The team were very specific with their requirements. Firstly they wanted it shot flat for grading purposes, secondly it had to be 4K because the final cropping was 3840 x 1080. It also had to be shot at 120 frames per second and this is where the Varicam camera excels. We didn’t have long to set it all up, we only had the tram for 3 hours, but we got there in the end.


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