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cameraman hong kong 

Cameraman & Producer in Hong Kong 

cameraman hong kong

Justin Weily - Cameraman / DOP

camera crew hong kong

I started working in television in 1992, training as a sound recordist before learning my craft working as a news cameraman at Channel Nine in Brisbane, Australia.


After spending ten years as a news cameraman in Queensland, I was offered a traineeship as an on air reporter at Network TEN in Sydney. Much to the delight of everyone working in the newsroom at the time. I covered general news and dabbled in entertainment, local politics, health and lighter pieces.


In 2001 I took the well trodden path to the United Kingdom (like many media professionals) where I worked for the likes of BBC World, Sky Sports, ITN Factuals, CNN, Eurosport and ITV Sport to name a few.


After spending 10 years in the UK I moved to Hong Kong where I continued to serve some of my UK clients. Nowadays I work mainly as a self-shooting producer and director.


I also work as a production manager and DOP for for Ants Media Asia and am responsible for shooting most of their assignments in Hong Kong. 

I could copy and paste the logos of all the fortune 500 companies that I 'can claim to have worked for' but I prefer to share something you cant copy and paste. Location photos.

Click on the photos below for a snapshot of the journey that has taken me around the world over the past 20 years.

Fell free to get in touch if you require efficient, presentable camera crew to represent your interests in marketing communications, news, sport or documentary video content acquisition in Hong Kong. 


A lot of our work is guiding busy executives

when filming important video content. Some tips below.

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videographer hong kong
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cameraman hong kong
camera crew hong kong
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cameraman hong kong
camera crew hong kong

 "It was the first time a commercial network openly entertained the idea of introducing 'The VJ' into newsrooms. There was no intention to force everyone to do it and I always said it was not for everyone. You still need your skilled operators on both sides but there was a place for it I thought. It also meant more content and more ideas from people that think editorially as well as visually.

At one stage it caused a lot of shit in the Sydney newsroom. I left shortly after that and headed to London. Interesting to note that camerawork and video journalism skills are taught in plenty of media and journalism degrees these days.


I was just a news cameraman that wanted to write. After my reporting stint in Sydney it sort of broke the ice and then they started employing video journalists in key positions.


                                              "He was ahead of his time."

​                                                        Former boss

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