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video journalist hong kong 


Video journalists or self-shooting producers are very similar.


The main difference between a video journalist and self-shooting producer is that the former reports for news broadcasters whereas a self-shooting producer or self-shooting director would mainly produce documentary, factual and corporate programming.

I have experience working as both.


After having spent ten years as a news cameraman, I then worked for three years as a full-time news reporter for Network TEN in Sydney, Australia.  Reporting was a great opportunity to hone my writing and presenting skills - something that comes in very useful now when working for corporate clients or when television networks or production companies are looking for a self-shooting producer or director in Hong Kong.

Being able to easily follow a client's brief (especially for producers who can't travel) whether it be interviews, b-roll or both is a huge plus for them. 


I know what sound-bites to capture, what b-roll to get, when to politely suggest to the talent "Let's do that one again please." I know what works and what won't work and which problems need to be fixed on-site. It's sometimes too late once you're back in the edit suite.


Experience counts.


Writing is something I've always enjoyed

and being able to combine solid camera and video editing skills is very handy in this day and age. 

Click here for a more recent example of my work as a video journalist in Hong Kong.

 "It was the first time a commercial network openly entertained the idea of introducing 'The VJ' into newsrooms. There was no intention to force everyone to do it and I always said it was not for everyone. You still need your skilled operators on both sides but there was a place for it I thought. It also meant more content and more ideas from people that think editorially as well as visually.

I was just a news cameraman that wanted to write. After my reporting stint in Sydney it sort of broke the ice and then they started employing video journalists in key positions.

At one stage it caused a lot of shit in the Sydney newsroom. I left shortly after that and headed to London. Interesting to note that camerawork and video journalism skills are taught in plenty of media and journalism degrees these days.




                                        "He was ahead of his time."

​                                                  Former boss

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