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Video Resume and Video CV in Hong Kong

"Video resumes are a great way to introduce someones personality into the recruitment process. We have great tools and camera crew to tell 'people stories' even more authentically these days."

The camera kit and accessories we have nowadays is high end, affordable and non-intrusive so people act more naturally when appearing on camera these days. Says' Justin Weily, founder of Crew Sixty.

But you should remember it's also a good idea to get a seasoned cameraman to cover the main part of your video production. The interviews and b-roll shots in particular. Making sure you have decent cameras, good audio feeds and are afforded a decent amount of time with the talent. Not to mention plenty of time to set up and light the shot. The latter being the most important and makes big difference to the production values of the end product.

We take some content from the client but it that happens we make sure they are able to produce good quality images and sound. We also provide camera crew for on camera discussions with multiple speakers for webinars and streaming events.

Keeping experienced camera crew rested, fed and agile so they can adapt to 'creative changes' quickly is also key. We supply camera crew in Hong Kong for all types of productions. Video resumes are a good way to showcase your personality to potential employers.

For video cv enquiries email or phone +852 5634 3881

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