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Enhance your MS teams & Zoom presentations with camera crew and kit

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Once you want to more with your Zoom, Facebook Live or MS teams presentations (like adding another cameraman or incorporating video into your presentations) you need to consider what additional crew and kit you might need.

If you go beyond a 'laptop on the desk' style of presenting, you'll need camera crew with external microphones, a few lights and maybe a video mixer that accepts multiple cameras to make your conference more interesting.

It's not that hard to add additional video to your webinar, webcast or livestream either. Maybe you'd like to include a statement from an important contributor (with a pre-recorded video) who can't make the live event. Or play a copy of that corporate video that's been sitting on your company's youtube channel for the past few weeks at the start of the show to add a bit of pizazz !

If you're spending money to 'up the ante' then why not add some extra content to the presentation?

zoom video crew hong kong
Camera crew for Zoom presentations

Last week we were supporting a Singapore production company that were producing a webinar for one of their clients in Hong Kong. The host was based in Hong Kong and people from around the world were on hand to either listen, contribute or both. Because these things are live means there's no room for error and having a day to test everything is essential.

On this occasion the host ensured we had a day to test everything and the result was a smooth, visually superior presentation with no dramas at all. It's hard to fix problems, even small problems without interrupting the flow in proceedings once the show starts. So a recce day is a must if you're going down this path.

vision switcher hong kong

Putting on a live conference with multiple cameras, various audio requirements and participants in different countries is lot different to dialling in on a Zoom call with your laptop. There are a myriad of things that need to be addressed before the crew turn up and a checklist that should be considered.


cameraman with camera crew in Hong Kong


If you require presentable, experienced, multi-lingual camera crew and technicians to take your online video presentations to the next level (or want to see the checklist we send out) feel free to get in touch at or call +852 5634 3881

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