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3 camera 4k shoot and turning a warehouse into a studio?

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

4K camera and crew for in-depth interviews

While our production manager was covering the Tokyo Olympics the remote shoots in Hong Kong just kept on coming. The first was a 3 camera shoot, a very long 4k interview for a Swiss Business School who were interviewing a CEO in Hong Kong for a series of videos it was producing. The production manager and creative director were based in the United Kingdom so Zoom calls were done beforehand to ensure everything would run smoothly on the day of the shoot.

Once our team arrived a few hurdles had to be overcome, all par for the course on jobs like this when time with the CEO is limited. The results were impressive given our DOP Sharon had to knock up a makeshift studio in a warehouse type environment in about an hour. The UK team were on hand to approve the shots and oversee the interview remotely. So far so good. 200 GB of files were uploaded via FTP a few days later (all included in our very generous production rate)

Needless to say crisp shots, high quality audio and plenty of b-roll was captured in the 5 hours we were on site. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Production Manger Stephanie, IMD Creative Director Ryan and the team at Alvanon Hong Kong. We look forward to more of the same in coming months.

Rates for camera crew, basic lighting and sound start at $450 USD (2 hours on site)

  • Teleprompter $150 USD (includes pre-production of script and producer to assist

  • Producer POA

  • Extra lighting POA

  • Director POA

  • Dedicated sound recordist POA

For well-presented, experienced camera crew, fixers, producers and directors in Hong Kong contact

+852 5634 3881

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