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Olympic effort for OBS

5 days shooting Ping Pong was a test for the eyeballs that for sure. My Panasonic Varicam LT proved it’s versatility for a series of feature stories at The Marvellous 12 tournament in Shenzhen recently.

With $750 000 USD in prize money up for grabs and Olympic selection around the corner, the stakes were high at the worlds most lucrative Ping Pong tournament with the best players from China converging on Shenzhen.

We had to shoot interlaced as per the Olympic Channels television broadcasting requirements and take advantage of the Varicam’s progressive slo motion capabilities. This proved a bit tricky at times due to the need to power down the camera in between switching frequencies but we managed and the slo mo shots were smooth as silk.

Having the option to record H264 proxy files was idea for uploading the rushes to Barcelona each evening, this meant the producer didn’t have to export massive files at the end of play each day. Something he no doubt appreciated given the late finishing times and early starts.

See one of the news feature stories at the link below.

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